Recommendations for Downloading and Copying Text Pronunciation Guides to be Used with the Audio CD (Mp3):

For a SINGLE copy of the FOUR PAGE (paginated) BOOKLETS,
  • Print ODD PAGES first
  • Next print the EVEN PAGES on the backs of the odd pages.
  • FOLD the booklet in half and crease. FOLD one side of the
    booklet in half (do not crease) and staple with a regular stapler.

For MULTIPLE copies of the FOUR PAGE (paginated) BOOKLETS.

Printing Note: Save the text downloads to your computer. Then print from the saved copy. No words will be cut-off and the copy will best fit a standard page.

  • JUST PRINT ALL OF THE PAGES in one operation. Don’t worry
    about odd and even pages.
  • Go to a Kinkos or Office Max type copy center.
    Tell the clerk you want to produce a PAGINATED BOOKLET, with
    each page printed front and back.
  • Kinkos or Office Max will let you use a commercial stapler
    that will enable you to make a convenient booklet.
4 Page Prounciation Guide Booklet "Paginated"
Four Page Pronunciation Guide
Permission to make copies: Reproduction of this work for personal use is hereby authorized by Robert Hasegawa, the Copyright owner of American Gongyo tm and International English Gongyo tm.

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