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President Ikeda and Ted Osaki
at Sho Hondo Completion


Chicago Youth Division 1970's with Ted Osaki, Pasqual Olivera, Richard Sasaki, Kevin Kondo, et. al..


Wedding Reception in 1970's, Chicago. From left to right: Audry Olsen, Sue Chan, Bob Hasegawa, Liz Kondo, Barbara Kanaya


The World According to Bob

FNCC Party for Arts Division


Men's Division Prepare for Victory Over Violence


With Jann in Paris


Bob and wife Jann Shevin, at a Paris sidewalk cafe.


Burning Man 2004


Bob in his back yard with his new work "Man at the Pond".


Linda Johnson FNCC 2003
(Linda Johnson's photo does not constitute an endorsement of


Bob Hasegawa & Linda Johnson, FNCC Arts Division 2004.


Max The Cat


District Discussion Meeting

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